Picking a Domain Name

Domain Names

You’ve decided it is time to purchase a domain for your business! It’s so excited until it may become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you haven’t solidified your business name if you are starting out. Or perhaps your business name domain is taken. So now what? In this post, I am going to talk  about some of the key points of picking a domain: your business name, domain lengths, geolocations, and service industries.

Business Name and Domains

One ideal scenario is that you go to bluehost, type in your domain, and voila! It’s available! Hooray!

But sometimes it isn’t.

Now what?

A list of do nots:

-Do not start adding random letters or numbers to your domain

-Do not change words in your business to odd spellings unless that is how your business name is. Ie) BusinessSolutions.com becomes BizNassSolutions.com

Ideally, you would have decided on a domain and business name at the same time, finding it available and purchasing it right away. Consider some other options.

Should I use .org, net, .co, etc in my domain?

The holy grail is .com. It just is. It’s what customers will search first, therefore it is best.  If you can work a good solution to include .com, do it. If nothing related can be worked, then branch out into the other .org, .net, .co, etc.

But before that, consider including keywords and geolocations in your domain.

Keywords and Geolocations Within Domains

The best domains include keywords and geolocations. What are keywords? They are the words that people are actually searching. Geo location is the area in which they are searching.

For example:

Susan sits down at her computer and types in, “Salons in Idaho Falls”.

That keyword and geolocation should be a consideration when choosing a domain name.

Search engines read what is in black and white. The more times you can get your keywords, and if relevant, your geolocation to appear, the better. A search engine will see your site as more likely to contain a relevant answer to the searcher’s request.

Geolocation is so important to many service-based industries. As someone who specializes in keywords, I know how to search out how many people in a targeted area are currently searching for certain keywords. If you have a service that people will constantly be searching for with a location attached, that needs to be a heavy consideration in your domain name choice. Industries like: hair, dentists, doctors, HVAC, electricians, plumbers, lawyers, and any other service-based industry needs to give inclusion of the location some serious thought.

Domain Length

As you are evaluating business name and including the service and location, you must always keep in mind your domain length. An ideal domain length would be no more than 15-17 characters. The domain should also be memorable, which means NO WEIRD SPELLINGS! If your average ideal customer would often misspell your domain name, you need to reconsider your domain name.

I hope this post gave you some good direction on what the most important considerations to take when picking a domain name. If you need help picking a domain or compiling a list of keywords, please reach out.